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What Is My Purpose?

Why Am I Here?

A New Documentary Series...

We all seek deep answers to our life's questions. Come on a journey with us as we tap into those answers through hypnotherapy. Journeys Into The Soul is a documentary series with 30-minute episodes that feature real people having hypnosis sessions with skilled facilitators to discover their purpose, passion and personal power while in deep states of relaxation. Watch as people discover past-lives, experience life-between-lives and see themselves in other situations to gain clarity and meaning in their lives. Check out the trailer to see more.

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In this emotionally captivating docuseries, we'll witness intimate healing sessions of ordinary individuals navigating the complexities of the modern world.

Using hypnosis techniques such as Dolores Cannon's Quantum Hypnosis Technique (QHHT) and Michael Newton's Life Between Lives (LBL) method, trained practitioners from across the globe guide clients through their subconscious memories.

Each episode taps into common life experiences, stirring a sense of shared humanity that unites us all.

Audio Languages: English

Subtitles: English

What's my purpose? Why am I here? This original documentary series features real people having real regression sessions with professional facilitators. Childhood memories, past lifetimes, or a life between lives experience, the answers are within.

Amazon has chosen a $15.99 price point for this work for those in the UNITED STATES. (If you are out of the country you can stream it through us, go here!)

You can watch each episode several times and you will learn something new each time. The answers are within and when you see someone else going through something similar to what you have experienced, you'll grow too.

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A Show Made From Passion...

The producer, David Marsh, has a passion for personal development. In his own quest to understand his purpose in life, he found a book that piqued his curiosity, changing his life forever. The book was Journey of Souls by Dr. Michael Newton. After more research, he also discovered Dolores Cannon and her work on Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique. These two people impacted him so much that he became a hypnotherapy facilitator himself, however that wasn't enough! He wanted other people to experience how a soul journey can help people to answer their deepest questions, so he created a show where you get to peek into how powerful our subconscious mind is and how it can help us to find the answers we seek.

Watch as Clients discover their Answers...

Do you ever ask the BIG Questions? Like who am I? Why Am I Experiencing this? Watch as people discover other life times, experience life-between-lives and see themselves in other circumstances to gain clarity and meaning in their lives.




He was looking for meaning and purpose in his life and having questions like, "what's the point"? Meet Ryan who seeks out a QHHT session with Level 3 Practitioner Triona Sheeran. Filmed on location in Greystones, Ireland. He has an incredible experience in which he gives the powerful advice of: Don't Waste Your Life.


Every single episode spoke to me. The reflection that I received from the clients as they were seeking answers to their questions have impacted me and changed the way I view life.





David J. Marsh is a life long seeker and a documentary filmmaker.
His journey brought him to learning about hypnotherapy and how powerful of a tool it is for finding the answers within.

David started exploring his personal path which led him to create Exploring The Human Journey, a web series with conversations about Life, Death, and the Spiritual World.​

To further understand the hypnotherapy modality, he became a certified practitioner and conducts sessions with people.

To find Out more you can go to: Soul Journey with Dave.

He has also produced an award winning documentary film called
Adapting To Dive which can be viewed on Amazon Prime VOD.​

His other documentary projects include Healing from the Inside Out and SoulBlaze your Life - Conversations with Master Teachers.

His production site is SONGSCRIPT.COM.

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